• Introducing Tidy Tot's iconic Bib & Tray kit an all-in-one system that protects baby, highchair and floor from all the food fights we love to get into!

    No matter what weaning path you and your little one are embarking on puree, baby-led or a mix, this essntial kit helps save time on washing and cleaning that can come from messy mealtimes.

    Thanks to the ingenius design this kit eliminates the gap between baby and highchair, while also giving baby a large food safe surface in which they can learn about and explore food.  Just wider than baby’s arm span, the lipped tray stops food and toys falling to the floor.  Cuts your clean up time in half and lets you see exactly how much food has been eaten – it’s all there on the tray!

    Unlike other bibs on the market – this complete kit is also great for creative play.  Painting, baking, Playdough, sand and water play are all contained on the large wipe-clean tray.

    Includes wipe clean zipped storage bag for easy transportation.

    Available in two other designs.

    Dove Grey Bib & Tray Kit

    £30.00 Regular Price
    £14.99Sale Price
    • Includes 1 tray and 1 bib

      See at a glance how much your baby has eaten while keeping food and toys off the floor

      Hygienically clean – provides an antibacterial, food safe, BPA and Phthalate free surface for your baby to eat from, wherever you are

      Cuts clean up time in half

      Easy to clean – wipe clean tray & machine washable bib

      Tray can be used for weaning and messy play

      Assembled in seconds!

      Folds for easy storage

      Includes Small Highchair Adaptor to improve stability on smaller framed highchairs and our wipe clean storage bag.

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